Image of kokedama

Launched in Spring 2018, SABI ĀTO is a creative botanical business based in Melbourne, Australia.

Driven by the increase in small scale living in Australia, but a desire to be immersed in nature, SABI ĀTO was born. With a focus on traditional techniques and quality materials, we aim to deliver products with a modern aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on making hand crafted Kokedama 苔玉 and other indoor greenery. Using a variety of decorative and practical plants, our designs are suitable for most indoor spaces and “green thumb” skill levels.

Kokedamas 苔玉, are a variant of bonsai. They are the Japanese art of creating potless plants using a unique soil mixture, moss and string. Kokedama is a manifestation of wabi-sabi, or the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection.

You can currently find us at local markets, with our locations updated weekly on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

SABI ĀTO is the brainchild of Industrial Designer Caitlin Wood, currently producing from her small apartment in the South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.